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วัง น้ํา เขียว onlyfans twitter

Social media hype “couples” make sly content that “Wang Nam Khiao” i.e., วัง น้ํา เขียว published in OnlyFans, but the story is hot to the ears. “The sheriff and police” threatened to prepare to prosecute. The last two young people in the clip’s Accounts have been closed.

It is a story that is trending at this time for “Wang Nam Khiao” which is a young clip. shooting adult movies Inside a resort type of motorhome Wang Nam Khiao area, Nakhon Ratchasima Province

By the clip, It is published on both individuals’ OnlyFans accounts. For fans who follow them to see, but suddenly, those clips were hit by bad people Suck it out and release it for free on the website. That is promoting on various gambling websites until becoming a popular clip in the social world Before the story gets hot to Mr. Supot Saenmee, Wang Nam Khiao District has coordinated the police in the area to help investigate and claim that it has damaged the image of tourism.

Pol Col Peerapong Thanaphochai, director of the Wang Nam Khiao i.e., วัง น้ําเขียว Police Station, said that from the clip There is an offense under the Criminal Law and the Computer Crime Act. which is currently in the process of tracking the group of perpetrators to prosecute.

Both of them are 21 and 22 years old, focusing on content-making only with their girlfriends, not meeting or swinging (swinging), and not accepting all types of promotions. Ready to ask for privacy, do not have to come

As for the couple’s past work, before coming to the “Wang Nam Khiao” i.e., วัง น้ํา เขียว clip that became an issue, it was found that the clip was filmed in various places, such as while driving a car on the road, in the bathroom, or inside a private resort. by the sea, etc.

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