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Der Drachenlord (real name Rainer Winkler) is a German web video producer and live streamer. Winkler became known in the German-speaking world for his clashes with his opponents, the so-called “haters”. These disputes are carried out both on the Internet and at Winkler’s place of residence, Altschauerberg.

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Drachenlord Education

Rainer Winkler attended a special needs school, but left without a degree. According to his own statements, he was bullied at school. After leaving school he worked for a temporary work agency. He has one sister. Winkler lives alone in his parents’ house, which he inherited from his late father in 2011.

Drachenlord career

In 2011, Winkler began posting videos on YouTube under the pseudonym “Drachenlord”.[3] In these videos, Winkler talks about metal and his everyday life, you can see him headbanging or playing and commenting on video games.[3][4] Winkler’s videos initially met with little response, but the number of viewers soon increased. Many viewers left mocking comments, insulted Winkler, made fun of his overweight or his Franconian dialect. Others criticized Winkler’s appearance, accusing him of racism or misogyny. Winkler regularly responded intensively to such comments in his videos, sometimes reacting with insults himself.

In 2014, an anonymous caller threatened Winkler’s sister. Winkler responded with a video in which he angrily gave his address and called on his opponents to visit him in order to settle the dispute at his place of residence. Since then, haters have been coming to Altschauerberg practically every day, provoking Winkler, rioting and trying to break into Winkler’s property, which they call “Drachenschanze”.

Over time, a community of haters emerged who followed Winkler’s activities closely, parodied his videos, ran their own forums and blogs, spoke of the “dragon game” that was about systematically bullying Winkler. The haters film the clashes and publish them on the Internet. Meanwhile, the disputes are also the main subject of Winkler’s videos. On some days, the police have more than twenty operations in Altschauerberg in connection with him.

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