Jeff Fillion became  the talk of the town , when recently  he  acconounced his exit from the show , Radio  X  as the host,  being the heart of the show , his exit from the news was prooved to be disheartening  among his fans. The essence  of him being the epicenter  of the show was his way of performing  his role with an ease where he was considered the role model or in other words their idol among the new comers to  create the act  with such a style.  Consider the following  example , he would randomly  select a person and perform an act  where his   performance   prooved to be  a stress-buster. While fake rumors  continue to spread  regarding his treatment as he met  with an accident  but the main scenario , according to a press statement, the decision was reached through a process of consensus that was that due to some contract issues , he  couldnt  reach to an agreement,  so   as the broadcaster for 20 years  announced his  exit from the show. While now he is focused to create something new for his admirers. His new replacement  shall be occupied  by Yannick Marceau  until the autumn  semester  , this position   by Yannick Marceau  is temporarily   and he shall be replacement  by a famous personality   later on. Also the other news prevailing  in this  subject  was  issued  by Philippe Lefebvre , who is the general manager of the Radio X and Vibe 100.9 radio stations in Montrea,he stated   the end of the host  from Radio X  was as the presenter “rejected the station’s renewal offer,” The host final appearance  shall be  finally be broadcasted on Friday, April 29, rather than continuing to broadcast on the radio station through August as previously announced, according to CHOI Radio X.

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