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Hey kids, we have come up with one more short Rabbit and tortoise story for you. This story would make you know about the importance of patience that you need in your life to succeed.

Life is all about a balance that you need to move forward maintaining the pace in your life. This is the story of a rabbit and a tortoise story who has their own way of leading life. So, read the story and by the end you would know how you should lead your life.

Rabbit and Tortoise Story

Rabbit and tortoise story

Once upon a time, there was a jungle beside a village where all animals used to live friendlywith the villagers nearby. Everyone was happy with Lion, being the king of the jungle ruling theanimals. There lived a rabbit and a tortoise who used play together every day with their friends. The tortoise always used to be the last one to complete any game that they used to play together,and the rabbit was almost the all-time winner while playing and running.

On one fine day, the rabbit was running around the jungle and the tortoise was walking very slowly towards the tree to take some rest. Suddenly, the rabbit happens to bump into the tortoise. The rabbit stopped there and looked at the tortoise and asked “Can you see how slow you walk? You are such a Slowcoach!”” My dear friend how does you manage to live with such slow walk?” The rabbit laughed at the tortoise and mockingly said- “You probably start a night before to reach the other side of the pond to drink water or you do drink water after the whole jungle finishes.”

Having said that the tortoise asked the rabbit- “Dear rabbit you are so proud of your speed then come let us have a race and see who is faster?” the rabbit was very proud of its speed and he quickly accepted the challenge knowing that he can easily beat the tortoise for its slow walk. So, the whole jungle gathered for the race between the rabbit and the tortoise. And the race began. When the race began the rabbit ran very fast and went too far. The tortoise as usual walked slowly keeping himself in the race. The rabbit ran quickly and after running a few distance the rabbit turned back to find where the tortoise is. To his wonder, he found that the tortoise was not visible as he was too far away from the rabbit.

The rabbit said to himself- “Huh, the tortoise is always a slowcoach, and he wants to have a race with me?” “It will take too long for him to come near me.” Having said that- “The rabbit started to wait for the tortoise and eventually started to feel bored. So, he started to eat some grass to fulfill his hunger. Then he felt that the by the time the tortoise comes he would take a nap and then after waking up he would complete it to the finish line.”

So, the rabbit sat under a tree and started to take a nap. He fell asleep not realizing how much distance did the tortoise covered. Suddenly, the rabbit heard cheers and claps from all over the jungle. Getting disturbed by the screams he woke up and looked around. Seeing the tortoise way ahead of him in the racetrack, he started to run speedily. He ran very fast to reach the finish line and win the race. But Alas! When he started to run the tortoise was few meters away from the finish line and the rabbit couldn’t cover the distance by this time.

And now the result was clear to everyone including the rabbit. The rabbit started to run very fast, but it was too late for him to know that. His overconfidence led him to lose the race. By time he reached the finish line, the tortoise had reached the finish line.
Clearly, the tortoise was the winner of the race. He won the race as he was slow but was steady and stayed consistent.

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Rabbit and Tortoise Story Moral

There is a clear moral that we get from this story that is, “SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE.”

Rabbit and Tortoise Story Video

Here’s a video on Rabbit and Tortoise Story which you all may like. Have a look below.


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